Welcome to Wellistics Conditioning Center, a chiropractic health and wellness facility based in Kenner, LA. Founded in 2016, we specialize in rehabilitating patients from common injuries and conditions, as well as helping them achieve optimal health in general. We provide treatments and resources to help our patients eliminate all obstacles between them and their dream health. Dr. Jason Pellegrim, our resident health and wellness expert, is very experienced at helping patients just like you achieve outstanding results!

Our goal is simply to help the body be its best self. Whether that means optimizing habits or rehabilitating an injury, we provide a wide variety of treatment options to facilitate this. This clinic works with patients who have a variety of ailments and concerns. We're able to rehabilitate sports and work injuries, improve posture, and improve degenerative disc disease. Our philosophy is to address the needs of the entire body using natural, minimally invasive techniques.

Some chiropractic treatment options Dr. Pellegrim provides here at Wellistics Conditioning Center of Kenner, LA, include ice pack cryotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercise, custom foot orthotics, and so many others. His extensive experience in the field has given him expertise that can't be beaten. At each appointment, we do our best to relay our expertise to you. That way, you leave at the end of treatment with newfound knowledge and results that really last!

If you're experiencing any similar needs or simply want to learn how Wellistics Conditioning Center can optimize your health, reach out today! Our helpful staff can answer any question and set you up with an initial consultation with chiropractic expert Dr. Pellegrim. We're conveniently located in Kenner, LA, and patients from the surrounding areas are always welcome! At Wellistics Conditioning Center, we truly love what we do. We look forward to working with you!

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